• Role at Schemmer

    Civil Design Technician

  • 👤

    Best Known Personal Traits

    Organization and Directness

  • Most Proud of Working On

    ONEOK Field | Tulsa, OK

My father was an electrical engineer, as was my grandfather. I suppose the designing of things and the need to “fix” stuff came from them. In my late 30’s I worked as a surveyor, which I did for several years, and that progressed into the civil drafting where I found my niche. The rest, as they say, is history.

I AM AN ORGANIZED AND DIRECT PERSON, I know where things are and I am not shy about sharing my knowledge.

I LOVE TAKING A BLANK PLOT OF LAND AND DESIGNING SOMETHING USEFUL with my imagination, all while keeping the client’s needs in mind. This is why my favorite part of the job is, without a doubt, site design. I enjoy making the community safer by designing roadway or storm sewer improvements. I have made a difference in our community and I am proud of what our team accomplishes.

At Schemmer, our people, plain and simple, are what sets us apart. The willingness to help one another achieve a common goal and the plain old friendliness of the staff, top to bottom, is something I have not experienced before. We are responsive, keep our clients informed and can always be reached.

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