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    Effigy Mounds Pedestrian Bridge

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    National Park Service

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    near Harpers Ferry, Iowa


A pedestrian and maintenance access bridge was designed at Effigy Mounds National Park to provide safe access for visitors and staff to park resources on the south side of the Yellow River. The project consisted of constructing a weathering-steel pedestrian bridge of approximately 700 linear feet of elevated boardwalk and placing approximately 800 linear feet of crushed aggregate surfacing. The boardwalk is elevated above the existing abandoned road grades to limit disturbance to the existing vegetation and adjacent wetlands.

Alan Robbins-Fenger, Natural and Cultural Resources

“ Professionalism. Expertise. Timeliness. Responsiveness. Quality traits that are well deserved. Personal relationships built that endure beyond project deadlines – Priceless…”

Alan Robbins-Fenger, Natural and Cultural Resources National Park Service
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