• Role at Schemmer

    Transportation Manager

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    Best Known Personal Traits

    Sharing my knowledge while mentoring others

  • Most Proud of Working On

    Turnpike Interchange

When I was about five years old,  I remember my parents and grandparents talking about how often I’d play with Tonka trucks in our sandbox. They said I was going to grow up and have something to do with construction. Many years later in high school after taking the SAT, I can remember my teacher telling me that I would be successful in a career with computers or engineering because I was good at math and science. What really inspired me was when I was working for a construction company building highways and bridges… then it all came together and I changed my major from electrical engineering to civil.

I THINK CIVIL ENGINEERS AFFECT THE LIFE AND WELFARE OF HUMANITY JUST AS MUCH AS DOCTORS. Where would civilization be without engineers who designed it? For example – water to drink because lakes were built to store it and treatment plants to clean it to make safe to drink; sanitary sewer treatment plants; flood control; safe transportation systems to transport our necessary resources are vital. Helping someone in time of tragedy is a hero. Helping tragedies not occur is an engineer. Being part of this is an amazing honor.

At Schemmer, we are a unified team with a great working atmosphere. Everyone helps each other out to complete the task at hand to serve our clients and have positive attitudes doing it.

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