• Role at Schemmer

    Civil Engineer

  • 👤

    Best Known Personal Traits

    Likeable and Loyal

  • Most Proud of Working On

    SH-32 from SH-77 East 6.45 MI to Hickory Creek Bridge | Oklahoma City, OK

I grew up in a very small town in Northeast Texas. I was brought up as a country boy that happened to also like science and math. I played outside a lot and loved building things and getting dirty. In high school my math teacher told me that I should think about engineering. I found out that civil engineering was sort of the “country boy’s” type of engineering, so I went with that.

ONE OF MY PASSIONS IN LIFE IS TO BE A MENTOR, someone that people can look up to. That requires me to be the best version of myself so I am able to help others whenever the time comes. I like to hold myself to a higher standard because I am a bit of a perfectionist.

I ENJOY THE FREEDOM OF DESIGNING. You have the standards to follow, but are able to explore numerous designs to ultimately find the perfect solution. At Schemmer, we have a really strong team and we take pride in our work to ensure our clients have the best possible product.

I like staying active and in shape. I enjoy playing competitive slow pitch softball and  improving my golf game. I believe the challenge of the game is what keeps me playing.

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