120th Street Expansion Project Update

120th Street Expansion Project Between Stonegate Drive and Fort Street Update

Schemmer, along with the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, City of Omaha and Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT), has started the 120th street improvement project. This project will add additional lanes to 120th Street to reduce congestion and improve safety for the traveling public. Additionally, the project will include sidewalks along the entire corridor to improve pedestrian connectivity.

About the Project

The anticipated project completion is in the fall of 2022. The reconstruction is along 120th Street, from Stonegate Drive to Roanoke Boulevard. The planned improvements will open the congested area up from two lanes to four lanes. Other improvements include an enclosed storm sewer, new curb and gutter, trails and sidewalks, retaining walls, and a traffic signal. This positive change will enhance safety for traffic operations, transportation users and add drainage control. A new bridge will be constructed over the Big Papillion Creek. With Tranquility Park being in that area, a bridge with a trail undercrossing will be a bonus in that location.

The plan is to complete the portion of 120th Street north of West Maple by the end of 2021, and the section south of Maple Street will be completed in 2022. Traffic will be maintained at all times to Tranquility Park, Knoll’s Golf Course, and other private businesses located along 120th Street in the area.

Traffic at 120th Street and West Maple Road is buzzing east and west, but if you make a turn going north, you run right into a “Road Closed” sign. The road will not stay closed forever. We, at Schemmer, are excited to bring Omaha these positive changes in the long run.

For more information on this project, click here. For construction updates, click here.

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