A few tips to choosing the right architect featuring Mark Higgins, AIA

In the July 13 Midlands Business Journal article, Executive Vice President Mark Higgins of Schemmer, offered two helpful tips in selecting the right team of architects. With more 33 years of experience, Higgins has enough experience to know the formula of a successful owner/architect partnership.

Tip No. 1

“Written and graphic material demonstrating the architect’s expertise is significant,” he said in the article. He goes on to say that it’s important to have  face-to-face interaction to see if personalities and communication styles mesh well.

Tip No. 2

Higgins notes the relationship between architect and client is a two-way street. It’s important for owners to ask a few questions of themselves, such as “What characteristics do we want from our architect?” Higgins said. And then when owners meet with the architect, they can express those values to the architect directly.

Higgins offers the two tips in the article, but of course, has many more tips in selecting the right team of architects. The two tips he provides will hopefully stimulate owners into thinking about what it is they want. Make sure to check out the entire article titled, “Chasing the right architect, not the lowest dollar, has implications for life of space.”