Schemmer’s James Andrus, Structural Intern, Participates in 2021 AEI Interdisciplinary Student Design Competition

2021 AEI International Student Design Competition

Schemmer - Andrus

James Andrus

Winners of the 2021 AEI International Student Design Competition (ISDC) were announced on April 9, 2021, during a Virtual Awards Ceremony. Schemmer's James Andrus participated on the University of Nebraska team.

The AEI Student Design Competition was established in 2010 as an annual event, specifically for the architectural engineering programs to highlight and showcase the value of

  • collaboration,
  • competition, and
  • peer review,

all of which are important in the development of designs in the professional world.

Each team was given architectural plans and a Revit model for a building, the Georgetown Day School's Lower/Middle School in Washington, D.C. The teams then design the building systems (mechanical, structural, and electrical) along with meeting design challenges. Teams are able to change the architecture of the building as desired.

student design competition Schemmer AEI Awards2021 UNL AWARDS

  • Outstanding Achievement in Innovation - Building Performance Enhancement - Winner
  • Outstanding Achievement in Innovation - Water Retention, Harvesting and Re-Utilization - Winner
  • Building Integration - First Place
  • Mechanical Systems - First Place

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Team

  • James Andrus (Integration, Structural)
  • Raiyan Al Hashmi (Integration, Structural)
  • Mitchael Sieh (Integration, Mechanical)
  • Ashley Everitt (Integration, Mechanical)
  • Jennifer Mack (Integration, Mechanical)
  • Gage Gibney (Integration, Electrical)
  • Matthew Huntwork (Integration, Electrical)
  • Andrew Martinez (Integration, Electrical)
  • Aaron Adams (Integration, Electrical)
  • Allie Huffman (Integration, Electrical)

For a listing of all categories, winners, and teams, please visit

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