August is National Water Quality Month

Even as a child you are taught the importance of water. You're told to turn the faucet off while you brush your teeth in order to conserve the use of it. That we need to keep our oceans, lakes and rivers free from litter. The environment depends on it. All animals, plants and humans need it to survive. This is why we celebrate National Water Quality Month.

Celebrate National Water Quality Month

National Water Quality Month is dedicated to making the most of the relatively small amount of fresh water we have. Having clean water is vital to our individual health, collective agricultural needs and the needs of our environment.

Recognizing National Water quality month reminds us to take a moment to consider how important these water sources are not just to humans, but also to other inhabitants of our ecosystems. Water is the lifeblood of our planet. Think about the things that you do that could have a negative effect on our water quality.

There are a few easy ways to reduce your impact such as:

  • Use native species in landscaping projects. It’s not just good for water quality, but also makes a water-friendly yard.
  • Pick up and properly dispose of pet waste. If you don’t it will ultimately find its way into storm drains and water supplies.
  • Don't let paint, used oil, chemical cleaners or other household products go down the drain. These items contain toxic ingredients that we don’t want in our water supply.
  • Never flush non-degradable products such as baby wipes. It can cause issues during the sewage treatment process and wind up littering water.
  • Be a more careful car owner. Good maintenance can reduce leaking oil, coolant, anti-freeze, and other chemicals that are carried down driveways and parking lots and then seep into groundwater supplies.
  • Choose a car wash over washing your car at home. Car washes are required to drain their wastewater into sewer systems, where the water is treated before being discharged. Many even recycle that water.

Making these minor adjustments will help make a difference.

Schemmer's Part in Making a Difference: Creating Wise Water Solutions

Schemmer's Part in Making a Difference: Creating Wise Water Solutions

Our water/wastewater experts understand the growing demand for clean water. They also know the increasing challenges that utility companies and municipalities are presented with.

Schemmer helps water providers create solutions ranging from source development and water treatment to storage and transmission. Working collaboratively with our clients, we implement effective solutions that also meet regulations within the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Clean Water Act.

Schemmer takes pride in providing in-depth knowledge and experience to our clients, keeping every aspect of your project on track. When it comes to water, our team is equipped to help clients make the most of their projects.

We provide design services in municipal water and wastewater industries, including:

  • independent septic systems
  • aerated lagoon systems
  • advanced treatment systems capable of providing high levels of treatment
  • removal of phosphorous and conversion of nitrogen

Design with Purpose. Build with Confidence.

Schemmer is a full-service architecture, engineering, and construction field services consultant, providing responsible solutions for complex design and construction-related challenges. Founded in 1959, we are grounded in our past but remain fully committed to the future. Located in three States and six offices throughout the Midwest. Schemmer is providing services to clients from coast-to-coast and border-to-border across the United States.

Schemmer's services include:

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