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Schemmer awards 2021 UNL College of Architecture Scholarship

Schemmer’s Pat Birch, AIA, LEED AP, was on hand at the annual University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Architecture scholarship and awards ceremony held on September 9, 2021. Schemmer awards 2021 UNL College of Architecture Scholarship This year's recipient of the Schemmer-sponsored scholarship was Tori Dunston. …
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Schemmer Announces New Shareholders, Associate

NEWS RELEASE August 10, 2021 Schemmer Announces New Shareholders, Associate Omaha, Neb. - The Schemmer Associates Inc. (Schemmer), a local full-service architecture, engineering and construction field services consultant, is pleased to announce John Bloom, AIA, LEED AP, CDT; Rob DuVall, PE; Peter Hind, AIA, LEED AP; Paula Latham, MSHPM, CPRS; Josh Murphy, BPAC; and…
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Catching up with Schemmer’s Tee-rific Katie Ashmore

Born and raised in Rapid City, Katie Ashmore moved to Vermillion to attend the University of South Dakota. After graduation, she moved to Sioux Falls to begin her mission of world domination. Catching up with Schemmer's Tee-rific Katie Ashmore in Sioux Falls As business development manager of…
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History of the Profession | Architect as Master Builder

From the early days of man, we have been a species that builds. Habitats provide shelter, security and a sense of place. The need for dwellings prompted the need for technology and people to build them. Essentially, early structures were just strategic piles of materials. Over time, as cultures…
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10 Things Architecture Graduates Should Know

After the pomp and circumstance of graduation fades, the time comes for Architecture Graduates to enter the profession of careered adulthood. While architecture classes teach systems and the design process, there are several skills that are left out. 10 Things Architecture Graduates Should Know This list is not exclusive to architecture nor is it exhaustive; I…
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Throwback Thursday – Market Diversification

Market Diversification In 1974, following the energy crisis and resulting recession that affected the entire country, Schemmer embarked on market diversification to provide services for new markets. The firm took on the following projects: Plaza 108 Shopping Center | Omaha, Neb. Leonard Wood | Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. Commercial Federal Savings and Loan | Omaha,…
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Engineering for Learning Environments

"Is any built environment more important than learning environments? We could argue that hospitals, churches and homes all have their important place in society, but schools are key, and have unique engineering design requirements. Ventilation, acoustics and lighting need to be considered from the perspective of the teacher and student. Oxygen for an active brain…
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Sioux Falls Community Triage Center Project Profile

Sioux Falls Community Triage Center Schemmer (formerly MSH Architects) was tasked by Minnehaha County, the City of Sioux Falls and the local hospital systems to design a Community Triage Center for individuals with a mental health or substance abuse crisis. Within the confines of the first floor of…
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