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Sierra Suites, a Blend of Live-Work Space

Sierra Suites, Schemmer’s mixed-use development project, is a three-level building. Providing a blend of live-work space that houses both residential and commercial tenants and is located just south of 14th and Pine Lake Road. Schemmer worked in conjunction with Krueger Development and their design architect, Keith Dubas, to make this building a reality. Sierra Suites,…
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Meet Rob DuVall, PE, Civil Engineer

Rob DuVall was born in Milwaukee, Wis., moved to Madison at the age of 7 and then to Omaha, Neb. when he was 10. This Wisconsinite turned Nebraskan had aspirations of being an architect at a very young age. He gravitated towards Legos and Lincoln logs as a child. The creativity, problem solving and engineering…
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Construction Lending Requirements – Construction Verification Services

This is our final blog from the three-part series on Schemmer’s Construction Lending Services. In the previous two blogs we discussed Phase I ESAs and ALTA Surveys and how important they are to the Construction Lending Process. The final piece to complete our puzzle is…Construction Verification Services. The construction processes are complex and the need…
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Construction Lending Requirements – ALTA Survey

In the first of Schemmer’s Construction Lending Blog Series we discussed Phase I ESA’s and how they are an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to the Construction Lending Process.  The next piece of the puzzle that Schemmer can assist with during this process is an ALTA Survey. It’s always smart to play…
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Major Improvements for Pine Lake Road

Pine Lake Road, from 61st Street to Highway 2, has been receiving a bit of a face-lift courtesy of Schemmer's transportation group. Major Improvements for Pine Lake Road Project Pine Lake Road Progress Pine Lake Road is a major east-west corridor for the traveling public in southeast Lincoln, Nebraska and required coordination with a variety…
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R & R Realty Warehouses

The landscape near Highway 370 and Highway 50 in Papillion, Neb. continues to evolve as new R & R Realty warehouses offer modern warehouse tenants space with more capacity and convenient interstate access. R & R Realty Warehouses Schemmer provided design services for a warehouse prototype design for two of four, 250,000 SF core and…
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Biomechanics Research Building Addition

Construction crews are hard at work on the University of Nebraska – Omaha (UNO) campus to bring the Biomechanics Research Building Addition to fruition. The Biomechanics Research Building is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated solely to this area of study where faculty and students are at the forefront of cutting-edge biomechanics research. Biomechanics Research Building Addition…
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Traffic Data Collection

Many of us go about our day commuting to and from work without ever stopping to think about why the intersection we travel through is timed the way it is or why there is a stop sign versus a traffic signal. A lot of traffic data collection goes on behind the scenes to get us…
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