Benedictine Sisters of Virginia Visit Schemmer’s Des Moines Office

Sister Cecilia and Sister Joanna from Benedictine Sisters of Virginia (BSV) visited Schemmer's Des Moines Office for a virtual reality (VR) experience of their new replacement monastery in Bristow, Virginia. They reviewed their chapel design utilizing a VR headset and explored the space, as well as the acoustics of the room. Schemmer’s Shane Larsen, AIA, Josh Murphy, BPAC, John Bloom, AIA, LEED AP, Kira Strong-Gonzalez. Assoc. AIA and Brad Farmer where on hand for the meeting.

Schemmer was hired for a facility assessment of the 124-acre property to enable leadership of the BSV to meet current and future needs of its religious community while making optimal use of its buildings and land. The project consists of two design phases. Design phase one consists of a replacement monastery on the east side of BSV’s campus, which includes full design services through design development. Design phase two includes full design services from design development through construction administration for the replacement monastery and a guest house located on the east side of the campus. The basis for design is equal to assisted living while providing flexibility for conversion if the Sisters intend to divest the property in the future.

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Schemmer continues to study and implement renewable energies when possible. We are dedicated to ongoing education for our professionals. If energy costs rise or regulations require lower consumption, we’ll be ready. It is our responsibility to identify where we can help clients save energy, conserve the natural environment and look for sustainable solutions.

OPERATE Services Include:

  • Energy Modeling and Benchmarking
  • Load Matching and Peak Load Reduction
  • Water Conservation and Quality Strategies
  • Daylighting and Occupancy Controls
  • Life Safety Systems Review and Analysis
  • Envelope Analysis
  • Systems Commissioning
  • Building Envelope Commissioning
  • Six Sigma Process Review
  • Power Generation/Distribution Review, Testing and Analysis

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