BIM Execution Plans

When it comes to Building Information Modeling (BIM), inputting information into Revit and creating a BIM Execution Plan (BxP) could truly benefit your next project, helping you understand what needs to be done and when.

What is a BIM Execution Plan?

A BxP is a comprehensive document that helps the project team identify and execute the role BIM plays in the various phases of construction management. A properly built BxP should help keep teams on track by focusing on the important details, not necessarily micro-details, saving teams hours of time. A BxP is also the first step in developing a Digital Twin for your building.

BIM Execution Plans Help Your Project Stay on Track

BIM files provide incredibly detailed and information-rich collections of data that can be obtained and collaborated on by owners, contractors, and designers of the project. A BxP provides the following benefits:

  • Communication. BxP's encourage instant communication among teams at the very start of the construction project, helping to manage responsibilities and expectations and ensure clear communications are available for all stakeholders in the project.
  • Sharing data. Information is readily available for all teams and stakeholders from the very start of the process. Contractors, project owners, and everyone in between should have direct access to BIM implementation data in a way that’s easily shareable and can be updated frequently.
  • Collaboration. Because a BxP is a living, breathing document, the project team can collaborate in real-time on various phases of the project, enabling transparency among project tasks and allowing for proper attention to be given to the particular project regardless of the requirements or standards in place.
  • Stronger execution. Composing a BxP focused on the project at hand rather than including every standard created can help a team communicate and collaborate better from the start of the project. It ensures a strong finish and execution, pleasing project owners and investors.
  • Saving time. One of the biggest hurdles in any project is a compressed schedule. With a BxP focused on the project benefits, nobody is going to be bogged down with scrutinized details which very often cause damaging delays to project deliverables. Instead, only the most important details are worked on and available in this plan, helping maintain your schedule throughout the project.

Our BIM Manager, Josh Murphy, BPAC, is Schemmer’s very own pro when it comes to implementing BIM and BIM Execution Plans.

In order to make a BxP work, Murphy emphasizes that owners know what information is important. “For owners, their first step is evaluating how they want to maintain record information on the equipment in their building. With Schemmer’s full-service team, we can help owners determine what is necessary and important to move forward. BxPs that ask for everything is not successful. We want to move towards a descriptive plan that emphasizes what is needed and when, so that information can get transferred from one database to another. Data should be stored in the Building Information Model and pushed to other formats such as web applications or mobile devices for ease of access.”

Schemmer - Design with Purpose. Build with Confidence.

Schemmer utilizes BIM technology in:

  • architecture,
  • structural,
  • mechanical and
  • electrical engineering disciplines

in the form of Revit software. We pride ourselves on the use of current technology to enhance our design capabilities, visualize the project design for our clients, and increase efficiency for our staff as they tackle complex projects.

Schemmer not only uses Autodesk software to create construction drawings for projects but also for clash detection. Between Navisworks and Revit, clash bubbles are created to define areas of concern. This workflow helps the design team easily find problem areas and coordinate solutions by anticipating construction hotspots before a shovel ever hits the ground.

BIM Services Include:

  • Virtual Design and Construction Management
  • As-Modeled Clash Detection
  • Operation and Maintenance Data Incorporated into Modeled Equipment
  • Autodesk BIM 360 Glue for Cloud-based Construction Layout and Coordination

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