Once a Surveyor, Always a Surveyor

Meet Brady Watson, PLS, Land Survey Manager for Schemmer’s Tulsa OfficeMeet Brady Watson, PLS, Survey Manager for Schemmer’s Tulsa Office

Once a surveyor, always a surveyor? You could say that’s the case for Schemmer’s Brady Watson, land surveyor for our Tulsa office. “Surveying is the only work I’ve ever done. Even through high school and college.” Brady’s father was a surveyor and growing up he and his brother were both made to help on the weekends, much to their distaste. The brothers are now both Professional Land Surveyors.

Brady Watson's Greatest Accomplishment

Land Survey Tulsa Oklahoma He considers his greatest accomplishment to be when he obtained his surveyor's license in 1979, which allowed him to own his own business, provide a service to the community, teach others and provide a good living for his family.

Brady stays busy all day, helping contribute to Schemmer’s success. From scheduling work for the field crew, coordinating the weekly schedule, following up on every job opportunity, preparing proposals, submitting contracts, doing calculations for projects to writing legal descriptions, preparing elevation certificates, reviewing invoices, traveling to job sites and meeting with clients. He is a prime example of why he thinks Schemmer is above the rest. “Because of the character of its employees. As surveyors, we all do the same kind of work. The difference is the people and quality of work,” said Watson.

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