Building for the Future Part VI: 2018 IECC

Building for the Future Part VI: 2018 IECC

THE FUTURE depends on what you do TODAY.

- Mahatma Gandhi

This timeless statement rings true both in our personal and professional lives. The choices we make, whether it be riding a bike to work instead of driving, repurposing building materials, or designing a more energy-efficient building with 2018 IECC, all will have positive impacts on our environment.

The purposeful sustainable actions architects and engineers achieve building for the future designing with 2018 IECC will deliver:

  • healthier indoor environments,
  • more resilient buildings and
  • energy and cost savings for building owners and occupants.

“There are a handful of proactive recommendations within the 2018 IECC updates that are forward-thinking and exciting for us as designers. New skylight requirements and solar-ready zones set the stage for future investment in renewable and sustainable energy systems,” said Schemmer Shareholder and American Institute of Architects Nebraska Chapter President Michael Sinclair, AIA.

Building for the Future Blog Series

Over the past few months, we have published this blog series on how the 2018 IECC updates will impact designing and renovating buildings in Nebraska.

Our blogs included:

Moving from 2009 IECC to the 2018 IECC will:

  • Save buildings 30 percent in site energy and 32 percent in energy costs, based on a weighted average for all building types according to the U.S. DOE.
  • Result in a first-year savings of over $1,500,000 in energy costs and over 60,000 MMBTU in energy use based on commercial construction levels in Nebraska according to the
  • Save U.S. home and business owners an estimated $126 billion and 841 million metric tons of avoided carbon dioxide emissions through 2040 according to the U.S. DOE.

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