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What is a Facility Assessment?

What is a facility assessment? A facility assessment looks at each part of a building's infrastructure and records information regarding system condition, code deficiencies and functional effectiveness. It could be compared to an inventory - a list of what a facility has and what it needs in order to function on a daily basis. It…
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Architectural Design Process

Our industry has been around for a long time, and with that has come some standards for how we practice. Although technology and codes lead to occasional changes, the general principles stay the same. The most important thing to understand is that getting a project designed and built is a process, it takes time. Decisions…
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Meet Schemmer’s Shane Larsen, AIA, NCARB

Shane Larsen, AIA, NCARB, is Schemmer's Senior Living group leader. His extensive project management experience and excellent communication skills make him a much sought-after architect in the Senior Living market. Since his professional career began, Shane has solely focused on senior living projects across the country from Virginia to California, North Dakota to Texas. His…
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