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Learn About Schemmer’s 3D Scanning Services

Learn About Schemmer’s 3D Scanning Services 3D scanning services are now more popular than ever. Businesses around the world are embracing this versatile technology. Schemmer performs scans to BIM (Building Information Modeling) Services using the Leica RTC360 Laser Scanner. This cutting-edge technology shoots two million points per second and creates 360-degree advanced High Dynamic Range…
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Schemmer in the News: Josh Murphy, BPAC, Featured in U.S. CAD Article

Josh Murphy, BPAC, Discusses the Big Rewards of Using 3D Building Scanning Josh Murphy, BPAC, BIM/CADD Manager, was recently featured in an article for U.S. CAD titled, "Capturing Reality: One Firm's Laser-Focused Investment in Scanning Reaps Big Rewards." The article focuses on Schemmer testing out U.S. CAD's Leica BLK360 3D scanner and eventually purchasing it…
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Schemmer’s Survey Grade 3D Scanning

Schemmer’s Survey Grade 3D Scanning Saves Money, Boosts Efficiency While Maintaining Quality One of the latest technologies to hit the surveying industry is 3D scanning. Schemmer surveyors are beginning to adopt this new technology as normal practice to better serve clients. What is 3D Scanning? 3D Scanning is the ability to completely grasp the area…
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Schemmer Attends Physical Plant Conference

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Schemmer attends Physical Plant Conference

Schemmer’s Josh Murphy, BPAC; Randy Gunnink; and Katie Ashmore attended the Physical Plant Director’s Conference on June 3 and 4, 2021 in Ft. Pierre, South Dakota. The conference was sponsored by the Office of the State Engineer (OSE). OSE's Mission Statement reads, "Building and maintaining South Dakota for generations."

Schemmer's Josh Murphy, BPAC, Presents

Schemmer_Murphy, Josh

Murphy gave a presentation on 3D Scanning and Building Services at the conference on Thursday, June 3.

Josh has nearly a decade of experience managing Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3D Scanning technology. He oversees Schemmer’s 3D Scanning Services and is tasked with not only maintaining our significant investment in state-of-the-art scanning equipment, but also providing research and leadership regarding implementation of new technology applicable to the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. He works alongside Schemmer’s designers to offer owners and general contractors a streamlined approach to the construction process.

Schemmer has incorporated 3D building scanning in our design process using the industry’s latest in 3D Laser Scanners. Not only for use in the design process, this technology can be incorporated into the construction phase to provide “as-constructed” models of various building systems that may be concealed by finishes or other construction. Murphy provided his insight on how facility directors and building operators can utilize 3D Scanning to improve building maintenance efficiency and accuracy.

To read more information on Schemmer's 3D Scanning services, click here.

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Schemmer is a full-service architecture, engineering, and construction field services, consultant. Providing responsible solutions for complex design and construction-related challenges.

Founded in 1959, we are grounded in our past but remain fully committed to the future. Located in four States and seven offices throughout the Midwest, Schemmer is providing services to clients from coast-to-coast and border-to-border across the United States.

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Schemmer’s Josh Murphy, BPAC, Discusses Generative Design in MBJ

Schemmer’s Josh Murphy, BPAC, Featured in Midlands Business Journal Schemmer’s Josh Murphy, BPAC, BIM (Building Information Modeling)/CADD Manager, Associate, was quoted in the February 26, 2021 issue of the Midlands Business Journal in the Engineering Profession section. The article, "The projects that keep engineers busy remain as new approaches emerge," focused on the adoption of…
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3D Scanning Technology for Real Estate

3D Scanning Technology for Real Estate According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), there were 1.45 million realtors in the United States toward the end of 2020. While we look at the opportunities for 3D Scanning Technology in real estate, it helps to review the top three technology tools that give realtors the highest…
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Schemmer’s Josh Murphy, BPAC, Featured in Midlands Business Journal

Schemmer’s Josh Murphy, BPAC, Featured in Midlands Business Journal Schemmer’s Josh Murphy, BPAC, BIM (Building Information Modeling) Manager, was quoted in the November 27, 2020 issue of the Midlands Business Journal. The article, "Emerging technology boosts accuracy and efficiency in architecture," focused on how advancing technology is enabling architects to produce far more detailed and…
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3D Scanning, Your Key to Success

What do these things have in common? boosting productivity eliminating unnecessary costs significantly accelerating workflow quickly and precisely capturing required data They're all benefits of 3D Scanning. 3D scanning is now more popular than ever. In addition, businesses all over the world are embracing this versatile technology. 3D scanning is your key to success. Let…
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Generative Design, A Design Exploration Process

What is Generative Design? Generative design is a design exploration process. Designers or engineers input design goals into the generative design software, along with parameters such as: the performance or spatial requirements materials manufacturing methods budget The software explores all the possible arrangements of a solution, quickly generating design alternatives. It tests and learns from…
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