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This is our final blog from the three-part series on Schemmer’s Construction Lending Services. In the previous two blogs we discussed Phase I ESAs and ALTA Surveys and how important they are to the Construction Lending Process. The final piece to complete our puzzle is…Construction Verification Services. The construction processes are complex and the need to maintain accuracy is vital. Construction Verification Services verifies that work completed is consistent with plans and specifications.

At Schemmer, we offer valuable assistance to Lending Institutions, Developers and Public Agencies through our third-party construction observation and administration services.

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Schemmer offers:

  • Experience - In-depth experience in construction techniques and management.
  • Risk Management - Understanding, evaluating and addressing risks to maximize the chances of objectives being achieved and ensuring minimization or elimination of unacceptable risks.
  • Quality Assurance - Review pre-construction quality assurance plan.
  • Communication - Enhanced communication with clients and contractors through formatted documents that are clear, concise and report progress and quality of work.
  • Schedule - Assist in determining the progress status and chart contractor’s proposed schedule to percent complete.
  • On-Site Observation - Scheduled on-site project observation throughout the construction process.
  • Contractor Payment - Review and recommend contractor’s application for payment.

Konrad Broer - Schemmer Senior Project Representative

“Construction verification allows us to act as an independent third-party set of eyes on the project, with the responsibility of being good stewards of the client’s money,” said Schemmer’s Konrad Broer, Senior Project Representative.

Don’t leave your project’s success to chance, give Schemmer’s Konrad Broer, Senior Project Representative, a call. He will ensure your project runs smoothly, on schedule and keep you informed of your project’s progress.


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Konrad Broer, Senior Project Representative

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Thanks for following along with Schemmer’s Construction Lending Requirements series. We hope you learned a thing or two along the way, but most of all don’t let your project pieces just fall where they may. Schemmer will help guide you through a Phase I ESA, ALTA Survey or Construction Verification Services to ensure you can build with confidence.

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