Dedicated to Improving the Built Environment

Welcome to the new Schemmer blog. I am honored to write this inaugural post to introduce myself and our new home for sharing thoughts, ideas and commentary about our passion, architecture and engineering, as well as our mission to enable our clients’ to define and achieve their goals.

First, a little about me. My name is Frank Comisar, AIA.  I am the CEO and President of The Schemmer Associates Inc. and December 15, 2011 will mark my 25th anniversary with the firm. Not only does saying this make me feel old, but it also serves to remind me about the incredible changes to every facet of society and the built environment that we have witnessed over the years. With regard to architecture and engineering, those changes encompass everything from designer’s tools to project implementation and everything in between.

Our blog is the next step along the evolutionary path. Our goal here is to create an interactive on-line community of people with related interests where we can share thoughts and ideas about what we do, how we do it and how together we might do it better in the future. Schemmer is fortunate to count among its staff and clients, numerous industry experts, who will become regular contributors to this blog. Our experts will be introduced to you in the coming weeks and months through their posts. We will share ideas about best practices, news, technology, industry trends, sustainable design and a variety of other topics. We hope you will not only find our posts interesting, but that they will include valuable information you can use in your organization to achieve a greater level of success.

In closing, let me extend a formal invitation to you to become a part of our on-line community. We encourage you to check back often and if so inclined, provide your own comments and thoughts. We welcome your input. Architecture and engineering affects every one of us, as well as our families and businesses. We live, work and play in the built environment. With that in mind, this blog is dedicated to improving the built environment and helping your organization achieve greater success!