Help Shape The Future Of The Corn Palace


- More event space, square footage, and flexibility

- Additional seating (replace all) up to 5,000

- Mechanical and electrical needs

- Improved service entry and back-of-house functions

- Concessions and restrooms

- Full-time separate gift shop space

- Additional multi-use rooms (locker/meeting/green room)

- Event storage

- Premium seating options

- Other revenue-generating spaces

Common Statements

The following common statements are broadly reflective of ideas gleaned by the Design Team from interactions with all stakeholder groups.

Design Goals - Corn Palace

- Maintain the tourist attraction

- We LOVE the Corn Palace

- Two courts minimum, three courts desired with improved sightlines

- Better distance for wrestling

- Retain Armory court (used seven days/week)

- Needs education lobby - history, growing and using corn, agriculture

- Entrance and ADA Accessibility are issues

- Would love loge seating/premium seating opportunities eight to 10 suites for six to eight people each

- Anchor sponsors

- City Hall (Art Deco style) is on the National Registry

Design Goals - Corn Palace

- Need breakout rooms. Could use jointly with City Hall

- Concessions are not user-friendly. Need more counter space and space behind the Concessions Counter

- Must be versatile

- Must add to seating capacity. The existing seats are too tight. Add cup holders!

- Ability to showcase farm equipment and similar large items

- Needs good broadcasting booths (accessible, private interviews, technology)

- Needs a welcoming space for people to congregate

- Everybody dreams to play in the Corn Palace

- The locker and green room need major upgrades. Too small.

- The training room location is bad

Design Goals - Corn Palace

- Two entries: Home/Visitors

- Officials separated from teams and fans

- Team space at each court and media, scorers, reporter/press room, security and location are important

- Need new City Hall offices

- Improve energy consumption

- Need to improve the arrival process

- Building access, bus, and team parking, walk-in doors

- Update rigging, event technology

- Add air-conditioning to dressing rooms

- Add catering/multi-purpose rooms, one artist, one band, one production,
six locker/multi-function rooms