Senior Living Continuum of Care – What Is It?

When your elderly loved ones are no longer able to care for themselves, you want to ensure they'll be taken care of and provided for in the best environment possible, at every stage. Every situation is unique and therefore requires different needs to be met. Continuum of Care can preserve and expand their independence as much as possible. It’s important to Schemmer to provide the best design to enable Senior Living Continuum of Care Campuses to take care of your loved ones.

Senior Living Continuum of Care – What Is It? Schemmer

Designing Continuum of Care Campuses

What Does Continuum of Care Mean?

Senior Living Continuum of Care – What Is It? Schemmer

A continuum of care is a comprehensive plan of care that adjusts to the needs of the residents over a period of time. It addresses a variety of aspects, levels and intensity of care.

Senior Living campuses that offer a continuum of care program build in future changes in the resident’s needs from the outset. This makes these types of plans a little like an insurance policy that protects you against likely future expenses.

Designing Continuum of Care Campuses

Designing for a true continuum of care requires an understanding of the following:

  • Market needs,
  • current and future trends,
  • reimbursement expectation,
  • demographics,
  • level of care, and
  • financial entry models.

Senior Living Continuum of Care – What Is It? Schemmer

Schemmer asks many questions about the business side of the project to make sure the design is in line with financial expectations and flexible for the true enhancement of the residents’ lives.

Even though the rollout of a vaccine for Covid-19 is underway, we have been working with several clients to provide flexibility, being prepared to offer a home-like experience while dealing with Covid-like challenges for the coming years.

Senior Living Continuum of Care – What Is It? SchemmerSome of these adjustments include:

  1. Additional entry points to community spaces to limit visitor circulation within the building.
  2. Creating areas or suites that could be used for quarantine or hospice.
  3. Mechanical system selections to better purify air and offer more air exchanges.
  4. Providing corridor access to mechanical systems, which limits the need for staff to enter resident rooms.

The key to these design changes has been to assist with Covid-19 compliance and be flexible for the overall benefit of the residents.


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