Do you need a Facility Assessment?

Do you need a Facility Assessment?

A facility assessment involves a thorough visual inspection of a building's infrastructure.  It is an essential tool required to upgrade a building. The assessment shows what needs to be done and what the costs are. A comprehensive facility assessment has two major components:

  • Condition assessment
  • Functional assessment

Condition and Functional Assessments


Our trained experts utilize walk-through inspection, research, and baseline data collection as a basis. This analysis allows us to identify:

  • Architectural,
  • structural,
  • mechanical,
  • electrical,
  • plumbing,
  • and site conditions.

We will address your facility’s physical condition, its life span, and whether or not it complies with current codes.


Our team will utilize this analysis to determine the adequacy of a building to house its intended function. This data answers essential questions, which will help with routine building facility management activities including long-range budgeting and modernization planning.

The data in both condition and functional assessments are stored in proprietary software that helps to manage deferred maintenance and forecast capital renewal. You may need one or both of the facility assessments. Schemmer has a team of professionals specially trained to conduct both types of assessments.

In order to efficiently and effectively conduct a complete facility assessment, Schemmer utilizes our proprietary facility assessment software program, FACILITATE, which is unique to our firm. This program enables our team to input data on-site and in real-time, quickly compiling the information for analysis and reporting.

Our FACILITATE software was recently updated. Some of the highlights of those upgrades include:

  • bulk photo upload
  • additional priority categories
  • integrated escalation calculators
  • a variety of sorting enhancements

3D Scanning

Schemmer uses our 3D scanning capabilities in our facility assessments.

3d scanningWe use point cloud technology to create accurate and complete 3D models of existing site conditions with the help of 3D laser scanners. Point cloud technology is an invaluable resource for the visualization of complex environments such as mechanical/electrical utility rooms and central plants. This allows us to

  • Quickly create digital floorplans
  • Asset management
  • Space management​
  • Visualization

Check out our 3D Building Scanning Services page.

Watch the latest video on our 3D Scanning Services.

Schemmer, Your Facility Assessment Specialists

The process of facility assessment, analysis, and planning is a specialty of our firm. We have utilized our process extensively in senior living, healthcare, and residential facilities. These assignments have included:

  • Motherhouses
  • Monasteries
  • Nursing homes
  • Retirement homes
  • Acute care hospitals
  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • K-12 schools
  • Lodging
  • Administration
  • Offices
  • Multi-use sites

Schemmer has been involved with more than 40 space utilization assessments and concept development projects in 22 states, at more than 135 site locations.

As facility assessment specialists, our design professionals balance the issues of feasibility, cost, and aggressive schedules with the unique and diverse needs of our clients. Facility assessments also serve as the baseline for master plans and become a living real-world tool for operation, maintenance, and capital facility planning, and budgeting.


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