Schemmer’s Doug Holle, P.E., quoted in Midlands Business Journal

Midlands Business Journal | May 20, 2016

Transportation Innovation Act spurs infrastructure work throughout metro

Doug Holle, P.E., Transportation Group Manager

Doug Holle, P.E., Schemmer’s Transportation Group Manager, was featured in the Midlands Business Journal. The Transportation Innovation Act (TIA) was signed last month by Governor Pete Ricketts, which will allow the Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) to “deliver road projects faster through innovative methods and additional funds,” according to NDOR Program Management Division Manager Amy Starr.

Several major infrastructure projects are underway or set to begin this year including Schemmer’s 36-inch water main in Yankee Hill Road from S. 56th Street to S. 84th Street project, currently under construction in Lincoln. Holle says the water main is needed to supply water to the ever-expanding south side of the city.

“The project started around 2008, but construction was delayed a couple times to allow higher priority projects to be constructed,” Holle said. “This project now became priority and will be complete this summer.”

In addition, Schemmer is designing improvements to Pine Lake Road from S. 61st Street to Highway 2 in Lincoln, slated to begin construction next year and extend into 2018, to provide for additional capacity in the high-traffic corridor along Pine Lake Road and S. 70th Street.

Schemmer is also leading the 33rd and Cornhusker project in north Lincoln, currently in the study phase, which aims to eliminate train and vehicle conflict. Once a viable option is chosen, it will proceed to the design and construction phases in the next several years.

The TIA funding will be invested in “three key areas,” Starr said. “Highway Acceleration to complete key portions of Nebraska’s expressway system faster, County Bridge Match to help county governments maintain their local bridges, and Economic Opportunity to connect new and expanding businesses to our infrastructure system.”

To read the full Midlands Business Journal article, view pages 42-43.