Engineering the Future: Celebrating National Engineers Week with Schemmer

Celebrating National Engineers Week with Schemmer

This week, we celebrate National Engineers Week, a time to recognize the incredible contributions of engineers and inspire the next generation of innovators. At Schemmer, we're proud of our talented team of engineers who are passionate about making a difference in the world.

Engineering the Future: Celebrating National Engineers Week with Schemmer

We sat down with some of our engineers to hear their stories – what got them interested in engineering, what they do at work, what their passions are, and why it's important to inspire the next generation.

From bridges to communities:

  • Ian Plummer, Bridge Engineer: "I solve problems," says Ian. "How do I get people from one point to another over an obstacle?" Ian designs bridges and also ensures the safety of all those who use them everyday.
  • Ana Hanke, Civil Engineer: "I help build communities," Ana explains. She works with architects and other engineers to create the infrastructure around buildings, from parks and streets to parking lots. She finds it rewarding to know her work helps people in their everyday lives.
  • Shane Swope, Transportation Engineering Manager: "The opportunity to do better things for the greater good of the public is probably the most rewarding part," says Shane. He's passionate about transportation engineering because it impacts everyone, and he loves seeing the positive impact his work makes.

Designing the spaces we live in:

  • Candace Freilich, Electrical Designer in Training: As an electrical designer, Candace lays out the lighting and electrical systems for buildings. She's passionate about creating efficient and beautiful spaces, focusing on the everyday areas where people spend most of their time.
  • Anthony Pospisil, Mechanical Engineer: Anthony designs mechanical systems, plumbing systems, and fire protection systems. He finds the complexity of his work challenging and rewarding, allowing him to put his signature on projects.
  • Tyler Schmidt, Structural Engineer and Project Manager: Tyler ensures buildings stand strong and safe. He's passionate about making clients happy and seeing the finished product come to life.
  • Leslie Steele, Geotechnical Engineer and Materials Testing Manager: Leslie ensures that the foundations of buildings are strong and stable. She's passionate about making sure people are safe and protected from the ground up.

Finding inspiration and inspiring others:

Each engineer has a unique story about what drew them to the field. Some, like Ian, followed in family footsteps, while others, like Leslie, discovered their passion through unexpected classes.

They all agree that exposure and encouragement are crucial for inspiring the next generation of engineers, especially young girls and people from underrepresented communities. They believe showcasing the fun and practical applications of STEM can spark a lifelong passion for problem-solving and innovation.

Join us in celebrating National Engineers Week!

These are just a few of the many talented engineers at Schemmer who are shaping our world. We encourage you to learn more about engineering and consider a career in this exciting field. Together, we can build a brighter future for everyone.

Thanks to all of our hard-working engineers at Schemmer!

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