EXPOSED | Schemmer Civil Engineer Adam Sleeper, P.E.


Role at Schemmer. At Schemmer, I primarily work on different types of roadway projects including 3R and new and reconstructed highways in our transportation division in the Omaha office. Since Schemmer has many civil engineering disciplines, I’ve been fortunate enough to have also worked on different municipal, construction and bridge inspection projects. From the time I began working in the transportation division at Schemmer, I have had to learn new programs to aid in roadway design.

Favorite part of civil engineering. Up to now, it would be using the 3D software to model various roadways. By far, the most rewarding part of my job is designing a project with our clients’ interests in mind, and then seeing the project come to fruition. Working on the drainage portion of the Broadway Viaduct was one project I really enjoyed. It was nice to have a hand in such a big and renowned project. I also love the opportunity to travel while working. The most memorable trip I took was to the Catalina Islands for some scuba training, which was necessary for underwater bridge inspection.

Early inspirations. Home building was my first passion, which was sparked by working the summers with my dad in Washington State. When it came time to decide on college majors, civil engineering got my attention because of its complexity and number of specialized fields to choose from. There are so many facets of this field to master, so it looks like I’m here to stay. I have always looked for jobs that were very hands on, like construction and cabinet and door making. They tend to be very detailed, and similarly to the work I do at Schemmer, I get many opportunities to experience the same attention to detail on different projects.

On leaving a legacy. Our projects leave a lasting impression on the community because they are visible to so many people. Although it’s my name hanging on the project, Schemmer is grounded in teamwork and exceeding our clients’ expectations, so I think that’s something to be proud of when looking back on my career in the future. That, and the $75 handwriting scholarship I won in high school.

Pastimes outside of Schemmer. Many people might be surprised to know that I collect daffodils and lollipops. Just kidding, everyone already knows that. On a serious note, I like being with my family and relaxing for Sunday movie and popcorn night. According to my two young boys, my super powers are strength and flight. They have yet to legitimately win a wrestling match with me, but they must see a hidden power I have yet to unleash when it comes to flying. Every year, my church hosts a short-term missions trip, usually 10 days, to either Italy or Costa Rica, where we have sister churches. Last May, my family and I went down to Guapiles, Costa Rica, where we built a cinder block wall, painted a house and invited people to the church in Guapiles. It was a great experience, especially for my two boys, eight and four, and we would love the opportunity to partake again.

I also started brewing beer about three years ago when my wife, persuaded by my brother-in-law, bought me a starter kit for Father’s Day. Needless to say, it was a hit. One of our favorite things to do, is host “brew nights,” where people who are interested can bring their own equipment to brew, or just observe. It’s a great way to spend time with old friends and get to know new people.

Celebrity doppelganger. I have been told I look like Tom Cruise, but if I could choose, it would be between Russell Crow and Mel Gibson. Let’s face it, not many men would mess with them on a battlefield, and as I get older, I am in awe of their abilities to stay in shape. Although being a millionaire celebrity probably has something to do with it.

Fun fact. I am a huge condiment fan. Whether it’s mustard on my fries or buffalo sauce on my wings. My favorite snack growing up was Miracle Whip and chip sandwiches. Sometimes I would just spread Miracle Whip on a piece of ham and roll it up, but, under no circumstances is Mayonnaise okay in my book.