EXPOSED | Schemmer Civil Engineer Matt Sutton, P.E., LEED AP

334x253_MattSutton_OptionAI have always been self-motivated to be better at something tomorrow than I am today. For me, success is measured by believing that it’s possible to make the world a better place, simply based upon your outlook on life and the way you choose to live it out. I see myself as a calm, level-headed person that makes fact-based decisions, which serves me well in this demanding, fast-paced profession.

Like most engineers, I opted into this industry by excelling in math and science. At Schemmer, I work on a wide variety of commercial and industrial site development projects, as well as leading civil engineering efforts on our Federal projects. It is rewarding to be surrounded by intelligent and ethical people on a daily basis. Not to mention having the opportunity to travel, which always makes for an interesting adventure! Two words: aborted take-off.

Outside of Schemmer, I enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking and riding motorcycles; basically anything that allows me to be outdoors. I would also like to pursue distilling my own whiskey (don’t worry, not in a backwoods, moonshiner fashion). It seems like a relaxing activity that allows you to be creative with recipes, entertain friends and gives you the contentment of taking up a hobby that has been practiced for generations with so much history behind it.

Ultimately, in the next few years I would love to have a vacation home where my family and I can escape for the weekends. I grew up going to my family’s lake house in South Dakota, so having a small place on a lake is something I’ve always dreamed of.

My family is also very devoted to athletics, and we rarely pass up the chance to kick back and spend time together at events year round. Having the ability to play athletics on successful teams, from grade school through college, created many relationships and memories I will never forget. Now, attending these sporting events provides me the opportunity to be a part of something I was, and still am, so passionate about. Fun fact: I can count the number of letters in a word very quickly. (Yes, I do realize this is an absolutely worthless talent). Follow me on Twitter: @MattSutton15.

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