EXPOSED | Schemmer Electrical Engineer Joe Binge, P.E.


Meaning of success. Success, to me, is not how much money you make, how large your house is or the number of material items you have, rather it’s how you live your life and help others. It seems cliché, but I try to use this thinking to stay grounded.

Early beginnings. Even from a young age, I was interested in electricity and electronics, wanting to know how and why things worked. I started by taking things apart to see how they operated, much to the chagrin of my parents, as I didn’t always get them back together. Those early experiences were formative in my path to the field of engineering. In college, I originally chose electronics design, but a fraternity brother, who was an architect major, swayed my interests towards building engineering.

Work at Schemmer. As an electrical engineer, I work on a variety of projects. I support the architectural department in building design, the civil engineering group for site electrical and lighting, and the transportation department with roadway lighting.

I enjoy seeing the designs we create at Schemmer come to fruition. To see the transformation of a building go from a drawing to a finished project, is an awesome experience. I particularly enjoyed working on the Good Samaritan Society’s Wolf Memorial Home addition in Albion, NE. It isn’t the largest project I have ever done, but it was rewarding to be involved with updating the residents’ living quarters to more modern, home-like rooms.

Special Interests. My passion outside the workplace is computers. I still enjoy taking things apart and troubleshooting problems. In my book, there is nothing better than solving a computer issue or cleaning out an infected system.

I am also active in scouting with my two boys. Most of my free time is spent at either a Den, Pack or Troop function. I like to go camping with the family as well. Although we don’t go as often as we would like, it is nice to get away from the rat race of life, and spend a weekend in a tent with a few poles in the water next to a nice fire.

Personal traits. I would have to say I am best known for my rugged handsomeness or my razor sharp wit. Better yet, maybe my humility?

Fun Fact. I enjoy cooking and baking, and preserve a good portion of my garden every year.