EXPOSED | Schemmer Senior Architect Bill Wedeking, AIA, LEED AP

Wedeking,-BillContrary to the axiom ‘if you can’t do, teach’, I couldn’t teach, so I decided to ‘do’ architecture.

At SCHEMMER, I primarily work on Senior Living projects, but I have also been involved with Affordable and Multi-Family Housing. Architecture has many moving parts, and with it brings endless variety; challenges, problems to solve and beauty to create. I love that. There is no better feeling than presenting a good design to a happy client.

I do the work I do, to leave the world a better place for my kids, friends and those I will never meet. It has not changed much from that altruistic feeling I had coming out of college – to help people. I feel Senior Living will give me great leverage in achieving that goal.

My dad was a general contractor, so I grew up around construction. I was always presenting him with ideas about how something should look, which inspired me at a young age – I was destined to be an architect, however, I started out my career as a vocal music teacher. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education and taught at a public school for four years, until I realized it wasn’t my calling. I went back to Iowa State to obtain a Masters degree in Architecture. I can recall the different perspectives between the contractor and the architect, which has given me the ability to work well with contractors to achieve a successful project.

I enjoy spending my free time outdoors. I am a runner and have completed triathlons as well as several marathons and half marathons. I also kayak, sail, hike, bike, backpack, camp and like to ride motorcycles. Last year, my family and I went on a river kayaking adventure on the Current River in Missouri. It was a great way to spend time together, now that my kids are both in graduate school.

I’ve been throughout the Midwest for work purposes, but personally, I’ve traveled across the United States and most of Europe and Scandinavia; as far east as Poland and Russia (then, Soviet Union), but I have not made it to Greece or Italy (yet). I hope to make it there in the near future. Peru, New Zealand and Australia have also been checked off of my bucket list.

Fun Fact: I am very interested in plant and animals communities in the Midwest. I like to photograph nature, especially different birds and plants. My goal is to continue improving my photography skills.