EXPOSED | Schemmer Senior Living Market Leader, Shane Larsen, AIA, NCARB

Schemmer Senior Living Market Leader, Shane Larsen, AIA, NCARBI have enjoyed communicating through drawing since before I can remember. When I was younger, I was always sketching, doodling and drawing cartoons. This explains why many of my architectural drawings today have doodles all over the pages.

As an architect, I have the opportunity to learn how people live, work or play, and then utilize that information to enhance their experiences - how great is that?

In the workplace, I thrive in an environment that is based on collaboration. At SCHEMMER, our team members are so talented, and it’s gratifying to be able to openly discuss solutions for each challenge that comes our way. Every project and client that we work with is different. Therefore every solution is unique, and reaching that solution is what motivates me. I am the Senior Living Market Leader, so my projects are mostly focused on Independent Living, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing projects, including Memory Care, Alzheimer and Hospice Care.

I view an accomplishment as, defining challenging goals and achieving them, while being flexible and having fun along the way. My belief is that the best projects are built upon strong relationships, mixed with some light-hearted moments. I enjoy adding some comedy into the daily routine, now, whether or not the comedy is funny, is still up for debate.

One rewarding project that I had the good-fortune of working on at SCHEMMER, was the Good Samaritan Society in Indianola, IA, because it featured ‘real-life therapy.’ This was a forward-thinking client who realized that the purpose of physical therapy is to prepare residents for common, challenging aspects at home. For instance, hooking up a garden hose or working on a work bench. It was a wonderful opportunity to talk about tasks and then coordinate a building that allows for this therapy to better prepare residents for their return home.

Outside of the workplace, I love golf. Golf doesn’t love me, but I keep trying! I enjoy just about anything outdoors, but golf certainly takes the cake. Oh, and I like cake!

Marrying my wife Andrea and having our two kids, Kimberly and Alex, makes any other accomplishment seem insignificant. With two young children, my favorite family activity is teaching them to play new sports and experiencing new things together. Fun Fact: When I was young, I was terrified of spiders, so in college I bought a tarantula the size of my hand, thinking it would cure me - nope. Follow me on Twitter: @schemmershane.

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