EXPOSED | Schemmer Transportation Engineer Shane Swope, P.E.

SwopeI tell people I was lucky because I grew up as a farm kid, which garnered my interest in engineering. In high school, I took an AutoCAD class and was immediately drawn to the technology. I wanted to find a career working with that software, which is what led me down the Civil Engineering path. I quickly figured out that it had many parallels to being a farmer (playing in the dirt all day), so I went that route. I was blessed to have had the opportunity to work in the engineering field for 10 years prior to getting a bachelor’s degree. I love what I get to do every day.

I am passionate about commitment to hard work, and delivering projects that exceed expectations. Work ethic is something that defines me. Solving client problems and the perception of what it means to be an engineer, energizes me at work. The most rewarding aspect of what I do at SCHEMMER is two-fold: 1) I still learn something new every day, and 2) the opportunities to educate young staff brings many years of experience full-circle, and it is gratifying to be able to position younger generations for success in this industry. Ultimately, this helps to improve work methods and habits within our organization.

I have been married for 20 years - 10 days longer than I have been employed at SCHEMMER. My wife and I started dating sophomore year of high school and got married on April 30th, 1994. I began work at SCHEMMER the week following our honeymoon. We have been together now for 25 years, and have a son and a daughter – Riley and Kelcy. Riley will be a freshman at University of Nebraska at Omaha this fall and Kelcy will be starting her sophomore year of high school, but she will not start dating until she is in college.

Our family’s favorite place to visit is Branson, MO, for a restful week-long trip to Table Rock Lake. It is a relaxing and fun way to spend time together on a big, crystal clear lake. Thank you, USACE (Corps of Engineers) for authorizing “flood control” facilities.

Fun Fact: I am fascinated by astronomy. I often consider buying an expensive telescope, but when I read articles on space exploration, I decide against it. This is a challenge that I know I am capable of, but it has not been interesting enough to offset the time it would take to master.