Facility Assessments: A Knowledge-Based Solution

Schemmer's Facility Assessments: A Knowledge-Based Solution

Knowing the effectiveness and safety of your facility is important for various reasons. Schemmer's Facility Assessments can help you optimize and maintain the physical condition and value of your building, develop capital budgets and prioritize short-term and long-term investments.

Prioritizing Future Investments for Your Building

A facility assessment typically consists of a site inspection to observe the condition of the general site and major building systems. Schemmer’s professionals will review pertinent documents and store all data in our very own FACILITATE software to help manage deferred maintenance and forecast capital renewal.

Facility Assessments: A Knowledge-Based Solution Schemmer

Schemmer has a team of professionals specifically trained to conduct a comprehensive facility assessment comprised of two major components:

  • Condition Assessment
  • Functional Assessment


Our trained experts utilize walk-through inspection, research and baseline data collection as a basis. As a result, this analysis allows us to identify:

  • Routine and/or deferred maintenance
  • Systemic deficiencies
  • Remaining useful life of all major building systems
  • Capital replacement needs
  • Overall system compliance with the original design/engineering intent
  • Compatibility with contiguous systems
  • Prioritized list of repairs
  • Total building replacement cost

We will address your facility’s physical condition, its life span and whether or not it complies with current codes.


Our team will utilize this analysis to determine the adequacy of a building to house its intended function. That is to say, this data answers important questions, which will help with routine building facility management activities including long-range budgeting and modernization planning.

Who Needs a Facility Assessment?


Any organization with capital assets needing to maintain their facilities in a safe and cost-effective manner should consider a facility assessment. It allows organizations to prioritize and schedule necessary maintenance. In addition, it could also be used to assess a facility you intend to acquire.

The process of facility assessment, analysis and planning is a specialty of our firm. For example, we have used our process extensively in senior living, healthcare and residential facilities. These assignments have included:

  • motherhouses
  • monasteries
  • nursing homes
  • retirement homes
  • acute‑care hospitals
  • universities
  • colleges
  • k-12 schools
  • lodging
  • administration
  • offices
  • multi-use sites

Schemmer has been involved with more than 50 space utilization assessments and concept development projects in 23 states, at more than 135 site locations.


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Founded in 1959, we are grounded in our past but remain fully committed to the future. Located in four States and seven offices throughout the Midwest, Schemmer is providing services to clients from coast-to-coast and border-to-border across the United States.

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