Floor Analysis Through Reality Capture

Floor Analysis Through Reality Capture

Schemmer’s BIM (Building Information Modeling) Team offers several services to analyze existing structures through scanning or a process also known as Reality Capture.

Reality Capture photogrammetry software is a combination of dozens of scans from highly sensitive equipment that uses anything from visible light to thermal sensors to gather information about a space. That information can then be ingested and used to create 3D models of that space or structures that were scanned.

One such application is Floor Analysis. Floor Analysis is a combination of Survey and BIM services. The main goal of Floor Analysis is to gather data about high and low points, and levelness, and to map any points of interest.

Floor Analysis Through Reality Capture

Omaha Public Library Floor Analysis

In a real-life scenario, Schemmer was hired to provide Floor Analysis for the downtown branch of the Omaha Public Library; a building originally built in 1912. We were hired to scan the building for floor levelness and to find the high point of the existing slab. The building was originally used for industrial and agricultural purposes. So when we scanned, not only did we find the high point of the slab, but also several drains in the slab.

With this additional information, we were able to go back to our client and provide much more accurate estimates for fill numbers. We also provided a heat-map and elevations for the first floor of the building.

Floor Analysis takes the guesswork out of the equation and provides valuable information that can lead to saving both time and money for a project.

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