“What built environment does your firm specialize in?” Those of us who work in the A/E/C industry can count on hearing this question.  As Schemmer’s Marketing Director, I’ve found that my answer depends on who is asking the question and when it is asked.

Schemmer is an architectural, engineering and planning firm offering over two dozen distinctive services in five core market sectors.  Many firms that fit this profile describe themselves as generalists, but not Schemmer.  Instead, we view ourselves as specialists in multiple markets.

If you had asked me what we specialize in three years ago, my answer would have been “engineering services for federal government agencies” or “architectural design of senior living facilities.” At that time, the majority of our billable hours were dedicated to serving these two core markets.  Our architects, engineers, project managers and field technicians are experts in fulfilling the needs of these markets.

Today, though, if you asked me this same question, my answer would be “infrastructure engineering and industrial facility architectural engineering services.”  This focus enables us to address the needs of an expanded client base while continuing to provide our existing clients with consultants who are already proven and acclimated to their way of doing work.

When demand for a built environment changes, Schemmer responds.  We are an adaptive group of professionals who are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our clients. As the marketplace evolves, so do we.