Generative Design is Transforming the way Architectural Engineering Firms do business

Generative Design is the ability of software to quickly generate multitudes of design iterations based on mathematical formulas, databases and computer scripts. Being able to explore limitless options allows designers to zero in and provide clients with the best possible options based on specific criteria for each project.

Schemmer Generative Design

The difference between Generative Design and Parametric Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is typically a form of Parametric Modeling. This means that objects can be flexed, pushed/pulled and constrained to objects, datum points, and parameters defined by the designer. These objects have inherent information in them that can provide quantity, cost and other data to the design team. Generative design is taking these parametric modeling elements and organizing them hierarchically by predefined project criteria using the software to manipulate the design.

Generative Design at Schemmer's Architectural Engineering Firm

Schemmer has implemented the use of Generative Design at the Space Planning level during Schematic Design. Once the script has been created it is a matter of scale. We are looking at spaces within a building, but it also applies to buildings on a site and sites within a development.

The future of Generative Design at Schemmer's Architectural Engineering Firm in Omaha, NE

As Generative Design moves forward, architects and engineers will be able to explore more options efficiently, which will provide our clients with a better overall design. The question is, what will they be able to do next?

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