Ideal blog post

This is what a new blog post should look like. It has a photo that reinforces the message. Long posts (More than a paragraph) have introductory copy that pushes the user to read more. It uses smart, descriptive, human language and avoids jargon (unless you want Google to know you for jargon). For SEO purposes, you may choose to strong-tag a few of the keywords, but only 2 per paragraph. Google will penalize your search rankings if you look "spammy" (e.g. bolding every other word).

After the "more" tag, continue your blog post inside. Here, you can include additional photos. The goal of any blog post is to be readable above all else. No Google tricks will help if the user doesn't find the information important or helpful. Try not to go overboard on "SEO hotbuttons," these can get you into trouble; Google routinely penalizes sites who attempt to "work the system." Instead of trying to trick Google, focus instead on writing content your users will find valuable, and increasing the number of external sites who link to you. With that as Priority #1, your search engine rankings will rise.