Industrial Facilities, Unique as a Fingerprint

When it comes to designing and building industrial facilities, there is no cookie cutter approach. Each building is as unique as a fingerprint. Specific equipment needs and complex building system requirements are all factored in as part of the equation.

Custom-fit Industrial Facilities Solutions.

“People often think industrial projects are just building boxes. While some clients do want a simple box, more and more clients are using their facility to make a statement about who they are. This investment is a way of improving employee engagement and a tool to improve their recruitment,” said Jason Heinze, PE, SE, LEED AP, Schemmer's Industrial/Commercial Group Leader and Principal of the firm.

“We use conversation to uncover a client’s goals for a project. While we’ll never be an expert in their business, we learn what they do, how they operate and what they’re trying to achieve with their project. Our past experience helps with the learning curve and allows us to provide insights that apply to our client today.”

Industrial Market Experts.

Schemmer has designed more than two million square feet of industrial space over the past five years and the industrial market continues to be one of the firm’s top performers. Heinze attributes the firm’s success in the market with being:

  • Easy to work with;
  • Practical; and
  • Good at helping our clients achieve their project goals

“It’s really been built on repeat clients,” he said.

The firm’s recent standout projects include Creekstone Farms Distribution Center, an automated warehouse in Arkansas City, Kansas and Lakeside Auto Recyclers, a facility designed for equipment that can shred cars and separate the metals in Carter Lake, Iowa. Within the market, Schemmer has seen a greater push to consider automation in production and storage due to the tight labor markets.

Schemmer_Industrial_Creekstone Farms - Industrial Market Experts.

If your company’s ready to embark on a new or renovated Industrial facility, know what your project goals and long-term company goals are.

“Too often we see a company make short-term decisions that they quickly regret when they start looking at their next phase of expansion. You need to know where you’re going now and also in the future,” stated Heinze.

Schemmer Building Efficiency Together.

Productivity is king. Helping you achieve greater efficiency is our specialty. As an integral member of the design team, and a leader in construction phase services, Schemmer will partner with you to create a solution that remains functional and safe for years to come.

Schemmer’s professionals design:

  • Storage
  • Processing
  • Distribution
  • Maintenance Facilities

Specialized Services

  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Manufacturing and processing
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Design-Build
  • Integrated project delivery

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