Schemmer’s Joshua Murphy quoted in Midlands Business Journal

Midlands Business Journal | May 20, 2016

Building information modeling widely used in design, management process

Schemmer’s Joshua Murphy was quoted in the Midlands Business Journal’s Celebrate Construction section. Traditionally reserved for architects and engineers, Building information modeling (BIM) services are now practiced in the construction arena. Murphy states that buildings are being virtually designed with elements that can be embedded with data, instead of drafting lines that represent the pieces of a building.

“These elements are modeled in real world coordinates that allow us to analyze how the building will perform and what kind of impacts changes will make,” Murphy said.

BIM programs have become the more widely accepted standard computer programs for design. Architects used to draw lines on paper with rulers and pens. Then they switched to CAD, computer aided design and drafting, which allowed for design on a computer. BIM takes it further, allowing for virtual design in 3D before a shovel even hits the ground,” he said.

“For owners, BIM offers a unique tool to push the embedded information inputted during design to their facility maintenance management software,” Murphy said.

“Being able to hand over a completed building instruction manual to a client saves on man hours of incorporating that information after the project has been designed on the building opened,” he said.

To read the full Midlands Business Journal article, view pages 36-37.