Catching up with Schemmer’s Tee-rific Katie Ashmore

Born and raised in Rapid City, Katie Ashmore moved to Vermillion to attend the University of South Dakota. After graduation, she moved to Sioux Falls to begin her mission of world domination.

Catching up with Schemmer's Tee-rific Katie Ashmore in Sioux Falls

Katie Ashmore

Working from the "office"

As business development manager of Schemmer's Sioux Falls office, it's rumored that she putts around quite often, keeping up on her greens and iron. In fact, some say her office has four wheels and a canopy.

Katie's love of golf comes from her father, who encouraged her to learn the sport and love it. She loves it so much that her friends once dressed up as HER for a golf tournament, from red curly hair to a black shirt that says “Golf is my full-time job” on the front and one of her nicknames on the back, arthritis bands for their arms and a trophy because they win…. a LOT!

Team Katie Ashmore

Team "Katie"

Katie has a passion for people. She enjoys encouraging them to be a better person and believes we all need to step up and be responsible. She practices this by working with the Children's Home Society and Children's Inn, and by being on the Board of Directors of the Sioux Falls YMCA and the Feisty Fighters.

Katie Ashmore Lego Costume

Dressed up as Lego people at the National Association of Women in Construction, Greater Sioux Falls Chapter Block Kids contest

To learn more about Katie Ashmore in Sioux Falls, check out her interview with Keloland Media Group and her "My 605" post.

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