Land Survey Myths and Misconceptions

Are you purchasing a new property? Maybe you’re thinking about a new extension to your business or extending your parking lot? Have you thought about a land survey yet? It’s imperative that you hire a professional land survey firm if you’re thinking about starting any new construction project – or it could end up costing you dearly in the future.

What is a boundary survey?

To sum it up in one sentence; a boundary survey is the process of a licensed land surveyor determining the boundary lines on your property. It’s critical that you keep off your neighbor’s land, and making a minor mistake of encroaching on their property by only a few inches can cause huge issues with verifying the validity of your structure.

Land Survey Myths and Misconceptions

Before you get started with a new project or you think about signing that offer to purchase an existing building – read through these land survey myths and misconceptions.

It’s Your Property

You can Build Wherever You Want Without a Survey. Don’t assume that you have the right to build anywhere on your property. Failing to comply with county and state guidelines regarding the building code and property lines can result in disaster for your project. If it turns out that your new structure is on your neighbor’s land, you may have to tear it down and start from scratch – costing you thousands of dollars.

It Costs More to Survey Larger Properties

The cost of a land survey varies depending on the availability of previous surveys and legal descriptions. In some cases, it may cost less to survey a large lot than a smaller one with messy or no previous documentation. Speak to a professional about an estimate for your survey.

You Can Skip the Survey if You Have a Previous Survey

Many people make this mistake. They assume because they have the previous survey on hand, that they don’t have to undertake a new land survey on their next project. However, you have no way of verifying the report for yourself, without hiring a professional land surveyor. Previous permitting requirements and code compliance are constantly changing, and if you have an old survey – it may not have accurate information.

Land Surveys Are Expensive

The price of a survey is a fraction of the costs you’ll have to absorb if you need to tear down your new structure or remove pavement and landscaping due to encroaching on your property boundary. If you’re spending a significant amount of money on your building purchase or a renovation, then protect your investment and ensure you have a land survey completed before you break ground or sign a purchase agreement.

You can Hire Any Surveyor to get the Job Done

Unfortunately, not all survey firms are on an equal footing. Before you commit to any professional consulting services agreement, don’t make your final choice based on finding the cheapest survey firm you can find. Look for a company that has exceptional talent with decades of experience in the land survey industry. Choosing a new survey firm with inexperienced professionals may result in an inaccurate and unusable information.

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