Schemmer meets your survey needs in Oklahoma

Schemmer Land Surveyors in OklahomaAnswer: “A Hot Rod”

That’s how it all started for us ... early founder Gene Gollehon started the firm as a civil engineering and surveying firm in 1959. A black Volkswagen “Bug” served as the firm’s first survey vehicle.

Schemmer Land Surveyors in Oklahoma

Decades later, Schemmer continues to provide our surveying clients with the absolute accuracy and responsive service they deserve. We cover every aspect of We cover every aspect of surveying

  • residential lot surveys
  • major land development
  • preliminary topographic surveys
  • land title surveys

Construction Staking

  • control surveys
  • rough grading
  • sanitary sewers
  • storm sewers
  • roadways
  • parking lots
  • foundations to column lines
  • conventional to drone as-builts

No matter what your survey needs may be, Schemmer land surveyors in Oklahoma have you covered.

Our Land Surveyors in Oklahoma offer: Schemmer Land Surveyors in Oklahoma services

  • Commercial and Retail
  • Industrial
  • Schools and Churches
  • Public Facilities
  • Utilities
  • Infrastructure
  • Subdivisions
  • Latest applications of surveying technology
  • Competitive pricing
  • Ability to assemble multiple survey crews
  • Delivery of reliable and accurate information in a timely manner

Communication is key

Communication is key to a successful working relationship, which is why when you call, we answer. At Schemmer, we understand the importance of keeping your project on schedule and we will ensure that you receive information in a timely and cost effective manner. Our professional and knowledgeable survey crews are qualified to work with you in the field on a day-to-day basis. We confirm not only what needs to be surveyed, but how you want it surveyed and how you plan to use the data. We maintain a steady stream of communication with you, provide you with daily updates and remain conscious of your schedule.

If you have a project that needs immediate attention, let us help you succeed. Call or visit us online today.

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Schemmer continues to study and implement renewable energies when possible. If energy costs rise or regulations require lower consumption, we’ll be ready. It is our responsibility to identify where we can help clients save energy, conserve the natural environment and look for sustainable solutions.