Loras Klostermann, P.E., was Re-elected to “Region Governor” of ASCE

Loras Klostermann, P.E., was re-elected to the office of “Region Governor” within the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). A governor is similar to a middle manager in ASCE. The governors oversee, advise and assist their local sections of ASCE, as well as provide the link between the society level and the local level of the organization. The governors also support and assist student chapters at colleges within the region. Since ASCE is a worldwide organization, it uses the term “society” instead of the previous term “national.” The Nebraska section of ASCE resides in Region 7, along with seven other local ASCE sections located in Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado.

The Region 7 board of governors is comprised of six elected positions and one at-large appointed position. The region board is headed by a director, who is also elected by the ASCE members within the region. In addition, the director is also a member of the society board.

As a requirement to holding the office of region governor, the individual needs to be on a committee at the society level. Loras Klostermann currently serves as a member of the audit committee who oversees the finances of the entire organization. This appointment has been extended for another two years. There are only two levels of ASCE involvement above region governor: a member of the overall ASCE board and a society-level officer of ASCE.

Before becoming a region governor, Loras has held several offices within the Nebraska section of ASCE. These include director, vice president, president and representative to the region. Prior to holding these offices, Loras was chairman of the Geotechnical group for 10 years. The main function of the Geotechnical group is organizing a technical conference. During those 10 years, the Nebraska section had a large increase in the attendance at the ASCE Geotechnical Conference held annually in Omaha, Nebraska.

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