Schemmer’s Macklin & Schicker Teach Electrical Engineering to OPS Students

Schemmer’s Macklin and Schicker Teach Electrical Engineering to OPS Students

Schemmer’s Molly Macklin, AIA, K-12 Education Market Leader and Architect, and Kyle Schicker, Electrical Designer, engaged a group of Omaha Public Schools (OPS) King Science and Technology Magnet Center students in electrical engineering activities. The students built an electrical switch using:

  • brass tacks,
  • a paper clip,
  • 9V battery and
  • copper wire

which turned a light bulb on and off.

They also built a motor using a:

  • D battery,
  • rubber band
  • paper clips and
  • magnets.

Once the students had assembled their devices, Kyle explained the electrical engineering involved in order to make each device operate.

Schemmer- Macklin and Schicker Teach Electrical Engineering to OPS King Science and Technology Magnet Center Students

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At Schemmer, we are infusing the design and construction process with a collaborative spirit that forges a unified sense of purpose and confidence among all involved. It begins with designing a project that meets our client’s goals before a single shovel of dirt is turned over, and doesn’t end until what’s been put to paper is included in the final build.

But it doesn’t stop there, we are committed to meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations on every project we touch. In an effort to not only provide first-class architecture, engineering, and construction field services but to positively impact the communities in which we live, work and play.

Schemmer is proud to be an OPS project partner for the King Science and Technology Magnet Center renovations.

It’s special activities like the light bulb and motor projects that illustrate the high level of service and initiative that Schemmer gives to our clients. Schemmer is proud to help empower our leaders of tomorrow through improving their environment in which they learn, as well as providing hands-on learning activities.

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