Major Improvements for Pine Lake Road

Pine Lake Road, from 61st Street to Highway 2, has been receiving a bit of a face-lift courtesy of Schemmer's transportation group.

Major Improvements for Pine Lake Road Project

Pine Lake Road Progress

Pine Lake Road is a major east-west corridor for the traveling public in southeast Lincoln, Nebraska and required coordination with a variety of both public and private interests during the design of the project.

Schemmer coordinated with the United States Army Corps of Engineers to permit wetland impacts due to the construction of two new large box culverts and two culvert extensions for the Beal Slough, the primary drainage-way in south Lincoln, which crosses this project at a number of locations.

Other coordination efforts included:

  • Working with Omaha Public Power District to permit a railroad crossing of Pine Lake Road
  • Getting approval from Nebraska Department of Transportation for the construction of an access permit at Highway 2
  • Lincoln Fire and Rescue, which constructed their new station at 66th and Pine Lake Road during the construction of the road improvements

Pine Lake Road Project Progress schemmer

Pine Lake Road Project Details

Schemmer conducted a complete hydrology and hydraulic study to determine the appropriate size of the new box culvert structure for Beal Slough.

The new structure includes:

  • extension of the existing twin 12-foot by 12-foot box culvert
  • an additional third cell to the box culvert to provide more hydraulic capacity, as well as function as a hike/bike trail under-crossing
  • the conversion of an existing traffic signal to a roundabout for improved safety

Erosion control on this project is critical due to its location to a major creek.

The Pine Lake Road project is adjacent to an area of wetlands, which required the proper erosion control measures to protect this delicate environment.

The number of turn lanes and traffic control applications were determined through a traffic study. The roadway will be a four-lane paved section with a raised median.

Schemmer provided:

  • Survey
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Roadway Design
  • Public Involvement Services

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