Meet Rob DuVall, PE, Civil Engineer

Schemmer Rob Duvall Civil EngineerRob DuVall was born in Milwaukee, Wis., moved to Madison at the age of 7 and then to Omaha, Neb. when he was 10. This Wisconsinite turned Nebraskan had aspirations of being an architect at a very young age. He gravitated towards Legos and Lincoln logs as a child. The creativity, problem solving and engineering involved with Rob’s favorite toys were a telltale sign of where he was headed in the future.

In high school, Rob discovered his love for math and decided to pursue engineering instead of architecture in order to put those skills to use. Outside of the classroom he participated in wrestling, football and soccer.

While attending college, Rob took an internship and pursued traffic engineering. He thought he was going to make that his full-time career, but the universe had other plans. The 2010 recession made it difficult for him to find a position in the traffic engineering field and he ended up settling with a position as a civil engineer. He later realized it was a blessing in disguise and preferred civil engineering over traffic engineering. And the rest, as they say, was history.

Rob DuVall, PE, Civil Engineer - In The Office

At Schemmer, Rob’s projects range from waterline extensions to stormwater management, mill and overlays to site layout. He provides services for a wide range of public and private clients.

His favorite thing about being a civil engineer is seeing the projects from start to finish, especially the green field projects.

“I love when it’s just an open field and you can actually see a project develop from nothing to something special,” said DuVall.

“My favorite types of projects to work on are subdivisions. Typically they are large-scale projects and I really enjoy being a part of those.”

New Project Advice

Rob’s advice when starting a new project is to make sure you investigate your potential site before purchasing. Schemmer can help you navigate through this process by providing services that include, but are not limited to:

  • zoning research
  • utilities research
  • existing topographic research
  • local municipal code research
  • speaking with local officials regarding site and building requirements

“When sites aren’t investigated properly, clients are often surprised at the hidden requirements that can add significant cost to the project.”

Outside of The Office

Schemmer Rob DuVall PE Civil EngineerRob likes to have a good time in and out of the office, but when he’s not at work, he enjoys hanging out with family and friends, boating and golfing. A proud golf accomplishment for Rob came in 2013, when he shot a hole-in-one at Tiburon Golf Club in Omaha, Neb. on Hole 7 of the Hammerhead.

“I was pretty embarrassed that I had to use an 8-iron for the 135-yard shot though. I just tell people that we were playing into the wind.”

Design with Purpose. Build with Confidence.

Our site/civil engineers work seamlessly to meet the site development needs of our clients.

We provide comprehensive expertise:

  • from initial planning through construction
  • partnering with owners
  • review agencies
  • project-specific stakeholders to create goal-oriented results

With a commitment to growth and driven by a strong desire to help others, we provide Omaha, Lincoln, other locations near you Site/Civil Engineering services for:

  • small and large-scale private
  • public projects

Ranging from commercial and industrial site development to military and higher education. Our vast experience offers clients an experienced team that can respond to their unique challenges.

Schemmer's services include:

  • Site Master Planning
  • Site Selection
  • Land Planning & Development
  • Site Grading & Utility Design
  • Sanitary Sewer Design
  • Water System Design
  • Stormwater Management Permitting & Design
  • Post Construction Stormwater Management Plans
  • Erosion Control Permitting & Design
  • Sustainable Design (LEED)
  • ADA Site Accessibility Analysis & Design

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