Schemmer Marks National Water Quality Month

Schemmer Water Quality

Schemmer Marks National Water Quality Month

It's easy to not give water quality a second thought. We go to the faucet or drinking fountain or water cooler and get a glass of water without considering where our water comes from. In recognition of National Water Quality Month during August, Schemmer is highlighting where our water comes from and ways to protect it.

Where Does Your Water Come From?Schemmer Water Quality

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has placed federal regulations on public water suppliers to ensure they are monitoring more than 100 contaminants. Part of their job is to take the wastewater from our households that flows into the utilities main wastewater pipeline, remove pollutants from it, and re-use it or release it back into the environment.

How can you protect your water?

  • Use a broom, not a hose, to clean off your driveway – get toned arms while helping the environment!
  • Install a rain barrel to collect rainwater – use the collected water to wash your car or water your lawn or gardens and save money on your water bill!
  • Reduce or eliminate pesticide and fertilizer application by testing your soil before applying chemicals. As a result, you can save money and the environment by only applying when you need to!
  • Take used oil or antifreeze to a service station or recycling center. In addition, most places do not charge a fee for recycling, some even offer discounts on future purchases!
  • Walk pets in grassy areas and parks, instead of by waterways, and always pick up after your pet – you don’t have to clean muddy pets or clothes and you can see gorgeous flowers!
  • Get involved in your local community by adopting a watershed and organizeSchemmer Water Quality stream cleanups, plant trees to prevent erosion, and monitor water quality – meet your neighbors, spend time in the beautiful outdoors, and help the environment!
  • Use the Car Wash. Washing your car at home can flush chemicals down the storm drains that flow through water systems into our lakes and streams. Professional car washes are required to drain into sewer systems so that wastewater plants can treat the water before it is re-used.
  • Use a Trash Can, NOT the Drain. Avoid putting products like motor oil, prescription medications, antibacterial household cleaners, paints, bug/pest repellants, and detergents down the drain. We don't want products like in our water supply because they have toxic chemicals in them.

Source: Do It Best, Quench Water

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