OPERATE – Building Commissioning

Save money, time, and energy! Optimize building performance! OPERATE!

Schemmer’s OPERATE platform will help you optimize the performance of complex buildings by using fewer resources, time and energy. By using less, you save money and create a more comfortable environment.

What is OPERATE Building Commissioning?

OPERATE - Building Commissioning, Schemmer

The OPERATE platform is a PDF embedded with hyperlinks that enable you to navigate to different areas of the building, gathering data, and tracking issues in real-time. Area plans will reveal:

  • rooms
  • equipment in the rooms
  • equipment schedules

When something needs to be updated, you can easily do this in one place using our OPERATE workflow. You can also navigate into the 3D captured model to visually find the information you need in situations where you know what you want to find but you're unsure how to get there. Schemmer organizes your files so you can click on photographs to access items such as Operations and Maintenance manuals, shop drawings, etc.

OPERATE not only saves you time but could also eliminate the need to travel to different locations by accessing everything on the pdf document.

Schemmer is committed to the built environment. Our experts in commissioning are ready to assist you if energy costs rise or regulations require lower consumption. It is our responsibility to identify where we can help clients save energy, conserve the natural environment and look for sustainable solutions while providing a high-performance environment.

Below is a thorough presentation on OPERATE Building Commissioning and Schemmer's other program, FACILITATE.

2018 IECC Cx Requirements

In a previous blog post, we discussed the 2018 IECC and the requirements for Cx. A Cx is a process of:

  • planning,
  • documenting,
  • scheduling,
  • testing,
  • adjusting,
  • verifying, and
  • training

to provide a facility that operates as a fully functional system per the Owner’s Project Requirements. Similar to every IECC version since 2012, the updated version puts it into simple code language. The Cx requirements are located in Section C408. It is only four pages plus the addition of C408.2.4, which is a one-page Cx Compliance Checklist.

Systems to be commissioned are the same as IECC 2012:

  • mechanical,
  • service water heating and
  • lighting controls.

CxA Early in Design Process is Key

This can be done by using Schemmer's OPERATE. “Owners need to know that finding a Commissioning Authority (CxA) early in the design process is key, even if most of the work is done during testing. Adding or changing a test requirement after a project is bid can lead to unexpected costs and system performance issues that will remain for the life of the building,” said Bryce Johnson, PE, LEED AP, QCxP, Schemmer’s mechanical engineer and commissioning agent.

OPERATE - Building Commissioning, Schemmer

Our trained commissioning team will take an integrated problem-solving approach for your facility, taking into account the interaction between systems. We will manage every step of the process, streamlining the operations in your building and optimizing big energy-consumption items (i.e. lighting, HVAC, computers, process equipment, etc.) to only use the amount of energy needed to perform their task, so your building operates exactly as it should.

Schemmer - Design with Purpose. Build with Confidence.

Schemmer is a full-service architecture, engineering, and construction field services, consultant. Providing responsible solutions for complex design and construction-related challenges.

Founded in 1959, we are grounded in our past but remain fully committed to the future. Located in three States and six offices throughout the Midwest, Schemmer is providing services to clients from coast-to-coast and border-to-border across the United States.

OPERATE Services Include:

  • Energy Modeling and Benchmarking
  • Load Matching and Peak Load Reduction
  • Water Conservation and Quality Strategies
  • Daylighting and Occupancy Controls
  • Life Safety Systems Review and Analysis
  • Envelope Analysis
  • Systems Commissioning
  • Building Envelope Commissioning
  • Power Generation/Distribution Review, Testing, and Analysis

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