OPS Students Tour Schemmer’s CMT Lab

OPS Students CMT Lab Tour Schemmer

OPS Students Tour Schemmer's CMT Lab

Omaha Public Schools - OPS Students CMT Lab Tour

Schemmer’s Elena Hoff, EI, Structural Engineering, conducted a tour of Schemmer’s Construction Materials Testing (CMT) lab for students in the Talent Cultivation Pathway Program on June 21, 2019. The 15 students in the program learned about testing both soils and concrete and conducted some tests of their own. The previous week’s activities involved learning about concrete design and making concrete test cylinders at the MCC Fort Omaha campus. During the testing at Schemmer’s lab, the students were able to observe the ultimate load their concrete cylinders could handle and calculate the compressive strength in pounds per square inch (PSI) of their own cylinder. Acting as field testers for a day, the students averaged the strength of all of the cylinders tested to arrive at a project compressive strength to report back to the design professionals.

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