Oxbow Crossing Breaks Ground in Ashland, NE

Oxbow Crossing Breaks Ground in Ashland, NE

Oxbow Crossing, a development located along Highway 6 in Ashland, NE, has officially kicked off with a groundbreaking ceremony.

With a gold shovel in hand, brothers Matt, Mark, and Phil turned the dirt on their new development and are now officially in business together.

"To be part of that is beyond a dream come true," said Phil Ruhlman.

Phil says this dream started long ago. How long? More than 40 years ago.

"I looked at this community and I said this is where I want to do chapter 3. I spent 11 years at a video store, 32 years at Gallup, and this is chapter 3."

For now, chapter 3 is nothing more than an empty lot, but soon will be transformed into a beautiful development featuring a steakhouse, a Runza, a new Bryan Health Clinic, and a multi-family living building with 48 apartments. While the brothers are excited, the City of Ashland is as well.

"This will bring people into the community. It's another excuse, if you will, to come down to the nice steakhouse. It will increase our valuation compared to how it was and sales tax. It's in the city limits. So we are really excited," said Mayor Jim Anderson.

"You're sitting basically 30 miles from Omaha and 30 miles from Lincoln. There are about 800 homes around lakes plus the amazing City of Ashland itself, and the Iron Horse Golf Course. We're sitting in about 5 miles of an unbelievable population, " said Ruhlman.

Not only will that population see the benefits of this development, but nearby businesses like The Beanery and the Bar and Bait will too.

"Ashland is a small town that's growing, it's friendly and welcoming, and they're very excited about what we're putting together here," said Ruhlman.

Schemmer provided all architecture and engineering design services for this project. Construction is underway and is expected to be complete by early 2024.


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