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Darin Brown, P.E.

Darin Brown_SchemmerDarin Brown is Schemmer's Bridge Group Manager. His credentials include:


What motivates you to wake up, go to work and keep serving your clients?

"Motivation is a big, important part of this work because these projects are very long and drawn out. So, each and every day you have to be motivated by the small things, which are those little puzzle pieces and little complicated things that play a part in getting each step taken care of."

What is your favorite/most rewarding part of your job? Why?

"It's when you go out and actually use a project or something that you were involved in designing. I can't tell you how many times that I have driven over a bridge that I was part of designing, and I would point that out to my family or kids and their reaction was no big deal, but, to me, I am seeing blueprints in my head. I'm seeing and recalling issues that that bridge had in getting it accomplished, and now it's in use and that's very rewarding."

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