People Creating Places: Meet Bill Hahn – Assistant Survey Manager

People Creating Places: Bill Hahn - Assistant Survey Manager

Have you ever wondered what goes into ensuring a construction project runs smoothly? Today, we're going behind the scenes with Bill Hahn, Assistant Survey Manager at Schemmer, to learn about his role and what makes him passionate about his work.


Bill's journey at Schemmer began in 2019 as a survey crew chief. But his experience in the industry extends far beyond that. "Prior to that, I was a superintendent for about three and a half years, mainly for commercial construction sites," he says. "Even before that, I was a surveyor for 15 years."

What does Bill enjoy most about his work? "I like to see a job from start to finish," he shares. He also finds fulfillment in helping others, "I enjoyed training the future surveyors that we have coming up through the system and enjoy building relationships with clients."

People Creating Places: Meet Bill Hahn - Assistant Survey ManagerA Day in the Life of an Assistant Survey Manager

Bill describes a typical day as starting "a few days ahead of time." He explains, "I'll get a staking request from a contractor, and usually I dive in as soon as possible, make sure everything looks right, look through the plans, make sure we have the latest revision. Fine tune the construction staking process through all phases. The beginning, rough grading, site control, stake buildings, parking lots, and anything involving construction."

Building Relationships and Achieving Success

Bill's role goes beyond just technical expertise. He emphasizes the importance of collaboration, "My favorite part of the job is the day-to-day interaction with clients and contractors. I always try to tell them, 'Your project is our project. We're on the same team, so we're trying to build that relationship and get the project done in a timely and accurate fashion.'"

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Surveyors

For those considering a career in surveying, Bill offers valuable advice: "Just keep your eyes and ears open. Don't get discouraged. We're always there to help you and keep working your butt off because you never know who's watching."

Bill's dedication to his craft is evident in his work. His passion for seeing projects through from start to finish, combined with his commitment to building relationships, makes him a valuable asset to the Schemmer team.



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