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Get To Know Michael

Michael Sinclair is the Manager of Architecture of our Lincoln, NE office.

Since joining Schemmer in 2016, Sinclair has been a witness to the company's remarkable growth. With a career spanning over two decades and experiences in firms of varying capacities, he found a home at Schemmer, a place that allowed him to nurture his professional evolution.

"The company has grown a lot since then and has been wonderful to be a part of that evolution. I've been in the profession for about 25 years now and have worked at several firms over that time. Schemmer has been a great experience for me to evolve my career,” he said.

Michael Sinclair, AIA - Architecture Manager - Lincoln, NE

Sinclair's journey at Schemmer began as a project architect, deeply immersed in the intricate phases of design, documentation, and construction administration.

"Day in and day out for many years, my focus was project related, doing design and documentation. As my career has developed, I've moved on to project management and now managing the growing architecture office here in Lincoln,” he said.

Outside the office, Sinclair's life is a canvas where architecture blends seamlessly with personal passions. Together with his wife, who is also in the profession, embarked on a decade-long journey of remodeling their 1950s mid-century modern home.

"We use that as sort of our studio project. We've been remodeling and exploring different design ideas on our own home for the past ten years, which drives our six children crazy,” he said.

Their other shared passion involves exploring the world through movement, with monthly family hikes becoming a ritual to keep both the mind and body in motion.

Sinclair's professional zeal lies in the early, bold moves of the design process. Beyond the conventional, he seeks opportunities to weave narratives into projects, drawing inspiration from historically meaningful contexts.

"Exploring opportunities to allow individuals in a space to gain that additional knowledge and insight, to be immersed in the project on a completely different level is intriguing. Finding those opportunities on projects is very intentional for me and I strive to incorporate whenever I can,” he explained.

Sinclair, recognizing the introverted nature of most architects, imparts valuable advice. He emphasizes seizing every opportunity to speak in front of people, as architecture is about selling ideas and winning clients over. "It'll be uncomfortable, but it's a great opportunity to expand those skill sets,” he said.

His second piece of advice is rooted in critical thinking. Stressing the importance of continuous review, Sinclair acknowledges that design work is never truly done. Thoroughly vetting and reviewing work with a critical eye is a mantra he lives by.

Sinclair's love for his profession is evident in the dynamic nature of his days. “There is no typical day, which is why I love this profession," he said. Each morning, he likes to start by touching base with each team member. Whether addressing their concerns or providing assistance, Sinclair fosters a culture of open communication.

On the other side, he actively engages with contractors in the field, swiftly tackling any issues that may arise. The pursuit of solutions and potential projects keeps him on the constant lookout for opportunities.

Perhaps, the pinnacle of Sinclair's joy is the celebration of victories with his team. Whether it's meticulously working through a challenging detail, developing a grand scheme, or wrapping up a perfectly executed schedule, these moments represent the culmination of collective effort.

"Any opportunity we have for our creativity and our passions to meld with one another and create something that is reliant on all those different pieces collectively coming together: a small reception desk, a detail or an entire building or campus master plan, finding opportunities to celebrate those wins hands down, end of the day, why I love being an architect.”

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